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Applications are closed.


The Faith Community Eco-Justice Small Grants application process is open for faith leaders of faith institutions or faith community projects in Southern Africa.  


Faith leaders are invited to apply for a grant up to R10,000 in South Africa. An additional amount is available for farm tools procurement, see more below, and please inquire if interested. 


Elsewhere in Southern Africa, faith leaders are invited to apply for a grant up to R25,000.


To qualify, applicants will be SAFCEI members, faith leaders and community leaders of faith working on issues of eco-justice. Applicants should have already undergone at least one SAFCEI training. 


Practical ethical environmental activities such as food gardens on faith land; training on eco-audits for the betterment of a faith institution; and campaigns on local and national environmental issues such as plastic waste by faith communities  are among the Earth-friendly projects we are keen to support. 


We are interested to hear from you what other activities you have identified in your community that could benefit from a small grant.


SAFCEI will prioritise projects involving women and youth and with our existing faith leader network.


You will find full details and a guide to the process in this document.


Click here to download the application form. Applications to be emailed to:

Click here to download the reporting form.



South African applicants:

If you are based in South Africa and your project involves gardening or farming, SAFCEI  can procure gardening tools for you in addition to a small grant to support activity costs. 

  • Applicants must give specifications of tools (equipment) or items they need- size, type, quantity. For example the type of seeds or the number of hand gloves needed 
  • If in need of seeds or trees. Seed or trees must be indigenous or GMO free (organic, agroecology)



Application form: 

Applications to be emailed to:


Are you planning an environmental project in your faith community? 

Join SAFCEI’s webinar on the 15th June to find out how to apply for a Faith Community Eco-Justice Grant for environmental projects run by Faith Leaders in their faith communities.

The Zoom call on the 15 June 2021 at 11 am will explain the grant making process and criteria your faith institute or community will need to fulfill to be eligible.

SAFCEI is offering small grants to faith institutions or communities for ethical environmental action in Southern Africa. Criteria are different if you are in South Africa or elsewhere.

SAFCEI will support local environmental activities in your faith community, whether it’s practical action, such as a faith institution vegetable garden; or training, such as faith community eco-footprinting; or campaigning, such as an environmental campaign about plastic waste.

So if you have plans for an eco-justice activity in with your faith community and would like support from SAFCEI, please join the webinar. If you are not able to attend this webinar but are interested please contact our office.

Submit your RSVPs and data requests by 8 June:


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