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We are standing alongside 84 organizations demanding that Burger King and its sister companies, Popeyes Chicken and Tim Hortons, end extreme animal cruelty in their egg supply chains.

The Open Wing Alliance (OWA) is a global coalition of organisations united in a common goal: to end the abuse of chickens worldwide. OWA has grown into a global force, with 84 member organisations in 62 countries changing the way the world’s biggest companies treat animals.

OWA is turning its attention to Burger King and its parent company, Restaurant Brands International. Burger King has acknowledged that cage confinement is cruel by releasing a handful of regional cage-free policies. However, Burger King refuses to go cage-free globally and as a result, millions of hens continue to suffer.

You can support this campaign by participating in the following actions below:
1. Sign this petition
2. Post on Burger King’s US Facebook page
When will Burger King commit to going cage-free globally? It’s time to stop supporting extreme animal cruelty! #BurgerKingBrutality
3. Post on Burger King’s South African Facebook page
Millions of chickens in Burger King’s supply chain are suffering in small, filthy cages. I’m boycotting Burger King until it joins other major companies in releasing a global cage-free commitment #BurgerKingBrutality

People of faith have a responsibility to ensure justice for the community of creatures with whom we share the Earth. They cannot speak or achieve justice for themselves.

Read our press release here.

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