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The Koeberg Nuclear Power Plant’s 40-year lifespan is coming to an end in 2024. Eskom is now seeking to extend Koeberg’s operation by another 20 years. 

Experts are saying that this is ill advised because of serious questions about the stability of the electricity grid and load shedding and the risks at a nuclear power plant without a stable supply. Other serious concerns include the risks of long term radioactive waste storage, damage to the containment buildings and infrastructure to extend the life of the plant, and environmental and climate impacts.

The National Nuclear Regulator has invited the public to submit comments on the Koeberg Nuclear Plant Long-Term Operation (LTO) proposal by 16 March 2023. 

The approval of the LTO proposal would mean that Koeberg would be allowed to operate for another 20 years (the plant was built in the 1970s). SAFCEI is opposing the extension for the following reasons:

  • The safety case for the extension has critical information missing;
  • Certain parts of the building have not assessed for cracks / faults;
  • The issue of a potential grid collapse due to loadshedding;
  • Continued nuclear waste produced by the plant;
  • The growing cost of the refitting of the plant; 

No current environmental assessment is being done, and it is clear that the physical and social environment has significantly changed. 


How to make a submission

Submissions on the Koeberg LTO are to be made by: 16 March 2023

Your written representations should be marked for the attention of the Programme Manager: Nuclear Power Plants and submitted using the following alternatives: 

a) Hardcopies that are – 

i) Hand delivered at the NNR offices, being Eco Glades 2, Block G, Eco Glades Office Park, 420 Witch Hazel Avenue, Highveld, Centurion (opposite the Land Bank Offices) 

ii) Hand delivered at the NNR Site offices, being 12 Raats Drive, Delphi Arch Building, Tableview, Cape Town 

iii) Posted to The National Nuclear Regulator, P.O. Box 46055, Kernkrag, 7441 

b) Emails to mailbox

More information about the submission details can be found at:


Important documents and links:

1) Notice of the Koeberg LTO extension – 3 languages




2) Safety case for Koeberg 

3) NNR applications in process  

4) Recording of the information session: Have your say on the life extension of Koeberg:

5) Press release on the Koeberg plant life extension:

6) Safcei’s submission to Eskom on the Koeberg nuclear plant life extension: Contact Wayne du Plessis if you would like to endorse this submission. 

6) Submissions by faith leaders on the Koeberg nuclear plant life extension:


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