FLEAT tackles Climate Change in Tanzania

By Zainab Adams, SAFCEI Outreach Coordinator

IMG-20170206-WA0009Day one: I was invited to attend a workshop in Same, Tanzania around “Connecting Poverty to Climate Change”. One of the key points was around “Changing the Mindset”. In the Tanzanian context it describes changing the way you think about what you can achieve. The Rev. Amos Mushendwa (guest speaker from Dar Es Salaam) added, “You cannot live your life thinking you are poor and that is the way you will die. God put you on this earth for a reason.”

Day two was a visit to the Lutheran Church in Same where one of the SAFCEI FLEAT members, Rev. Elisa Mrutu, led his congregation.  The congregation was very interested in learning more about how they can make the change for themselves.

In the South African context as we are struggling with the drought issue, I feel that we should learn to live a more simplistic life, as the Tanzanians do. The water restrictions should not only be seen as an “emergency response” but it should be a lesson for us all on how to preserve the basic need we have been taking for granted for so many years.

Day 3: Today we are visiting the Maasai community and speaking to them about how climate change effects them and the culture they have preserved for many years.  Hope for Tanzania heads up a project that looks at changing the mindset and improving livelihoods by encouraging them to sell their cattle before they die because of the drought and hunger caused by climate change, and invest in their education.

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