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We believe that people of faith have a moral imperative to speak out against the socio-ecological injustices that face Africa’s peoples and their environment.

For SAFCEI, advocacy involves the following:

  • Local actions at faith community level that demonstrate a way of living which restores, rather than destroys, nature and the human community.
  • Sharing stories of hope with other faith communities to inspire them to take similar actions and share their stories.

SAFCEI works with all faiths on issues of environmental justice across the southern African region. The Institute is coordinating a faith leadership environmental advocacy programme that provides a platform for common action across the region. Read more about it here.

The Mombasa Faith Leaders’ Environment Advocacy Training (FLEAT Mombasa) workshop will take place from 29 – 31 May 2018.

If you have a passion for addressing environmental injustice and want to attend the training, please complete the application form (which you can get here) and a letter of motivation, together with a letter of support/recommendation from your faith leader and send it to SAFCEI.

If selected, your accommodation, food and course fees will be supported. Travel to and from the venue will be at the expense of your organisation/faith community. Participants are required to arrive on 28 May. The venue will be confirmed in due course.

This will be an intense three day workshop. The process will include sharing issues and challenges, and designing an advocacy training programme with input from various advocacy specialists. Issues of water, land, biodiversity, food justice, climate, and energy will be on the agenda. Practical action will be part of the planning for future activities.

Watch the video below to see what you can expect at the training:

Participants are expected to take experiences from the workshops and apply them in their faith communities between training sessions. They need to commit to working together on advocacy actions, both in their own countries and more generally in the SADC region. If you are selected, you will also attend the follow up workshop within six months’ time.

Download the application form here.

Closing dates for applications is 11 May 2018.

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