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Thank you for becoming an advocate by joining the Earthkeeper’s Fast Action Network.

Here’s how YOU can add your voice to the #CageFreeSA movement.

Post on social media about the plight of egg-laying hens. Let’s urge Pick n Pay to take a stand for cage-free commitment together. It’s time to uplift their lives, break free from cruelty, and create a better future for all beings.

Step 1: Select your desired text and copy.

Step 2: Select an image you’d like to accompany the text and download the image.

Step 3: Select the social media platform of your choice: Facebook, X (Twitter) and Instagram and tag @SAFCEI in your post.

Step 4: Use the hashtag #CageFreeSA.

Step 5: If you need assistance, consult our social media guide here.


Approximately 86% of the eggs found in South African hotels, restaurants, and retailers are sourced from hens confined to cages. Let's urge @PicknPay to take a stand for cage-free commitment. It's time to uplift their lives, break free from cruelty, and create a better future for all beings. #CageFreeSA

95% of SA's layer hens suffer in tiny cages. Let's change that. Join us in asking @PicknPay to make a commitment to cage-free eggs. Spread the word! 🐣✨ #CageFreeSA #EndAnimalCruelty

For 20 years, the industry hasn't budged. 95% of SA's layer hens are still trapped in cages. Only 1% live cage-free, and just 4% are free-range. Let's demand better for these hens. Spread the call for change! 🐣✨ #CageFreeSA #AnimalRights

🐔 Let's set our hens free! No more cramped cages – it's time to give our egg-laying heroes the freedom they deserve. 🐣 They deserve to perch, spread their wings, dust bathe, and interact with their flock, just like nature intended. Say goodbye to cages and hello to happier,healthier hens! #CageFreeSA

🥚 Quality matters! By ditching cages, we're not only improving hens' lives but also ensuring higher-quality eggs for all of us. 🍳 Plus, we're taking a stand against health risks like salmonella and zoonotic diseases. It's a win-win for everyone. Let's make the change together! 💪🥚 #CageFreeSA

Let's give hens the space they deserve by going cage-free. Join us in urging @PicknPay to make the compassionate choice for animals and consumers alike. Together, we CAN make a difference! Spread the word and let's create a world with happier hens and healthier eggs. 🐣 #CageFreeSA

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We urge @PicknPay to make a commitment towards cage-free and stop investing in cruel battery-caged practices for hens. #CageFreeSA

Do you know that many brands have already made a commitment to #CageFreeSA and prioritize the welfare of millions of hens. We urge @PicknPay to follow suit and commit to going #CageFree by 2030.

Many companies all over the world have committed to ditching the use of battery cages. We urge your client, @PicknPay to make a cage-free commitment and spare millions of hens in their supply chains from cruelty. #CageFreeSA

@PicknPay prides itself on being a sustainable retail chain, but they have yet to make the commitment to #CageFree and still source their eggs from cruel battery cages. It is time for them to call on them to end this cruel cycle.

No more cramped cages. It's time to give our egg-laying heroes the freedom they deserve. We urge @PicknPay to make the #CageFree commitment and join companies all over the world who are committing to a more sustainable food supply chain

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