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Invitation to SAFCEI’S Faith Leader Energy Programme
2nd  – 3rd May 2019


Dear Faith Leader,

The Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI), is a multi-faith environmental organisation that connects with faith leaders who are united in diversity through a common commitment to cherish living earth and to tackle issues of environmental injustice through collaboration, networking, research, and action.

Through our Energy Justice Campaign, we have realised that energy policy, planning, and decision-making (ethical governance of energy) needs to be addressed urgently in our country.  We have seen evidence in this in the recent load shedding and Eskom tariff increases. The sacred texts of major faith traditions speak of the Golden Rule: “to do to others what you would have them do to you”. When faiths come together, we strengthen our understanding of our faith-based approach to advocacy and inspire and support each other to take appropriate action.

SAFCEI has designed the Faith Leadership Energy Programme (FLEP) to provide a platform for common action and unify actions across different faiths on energy justice. SAFCEI is calling on people of faith in, particularly those in a position of leadership, and who are actively involved in their communities, to apply for this programme. The programme will start on 2 May 2019.

The purpose of the Faith Leader Energy Programme is to equip and empower faith leaders with skills and knowledge to campaign on energy justice issues and raise awareness on ethical governance.

Target Group:
20- 25 Faith Leaders from different denominations, and spiritual convictions from different organisations, denominations and institutions will be invited.

How to Apply: 
If you have time to dedicate to learn, are interested in and have a passion for addressing environmental injustice, please complete the application form attached and include your motivation for wanting to do the course. Please include a letter of support/recommendation from your faith leader and send it to SAFCEI.

SAFCEI will cover the training fee, course materials, accommodation, meals and transport reimbursement for successful applicants. In turn, we expect commitment to complete the course and fulfil the requirements for the course between each session.

This first workshop will be a two-day introduction, sharing and learning with input from eco-justice perspectives. Issues of energy and how it affects water, electricity access, land, waste management, and practical action will be part of the programme. Three workshops are planned for 2019 and dates will be finalised at the first course. Those that enrol in the first course are expected to do the full Training Programme.

Participants are required to take experiences from the workshops and apply them in their faith communities between training sessions. Participants are expected to commit to working together with peer support, in their own communities or communities of faith between training sessions.

Download the Application form in PDF or Word.

Applications close: 27 April 2019

Please send your applications to Vainola Makan at with “FLEP Application” in the subject line. For any further queries, call 073 893 7140.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Vainola Makan
SAFCEI Energy Justice Programme Coordinator


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