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People of faith

caring for living earth

Small grants for eco-justice work with faith communities

Faith leaders

and green champions in action

Who we are

SAFCEI (Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute) is a multi-faith organisation committed to supporting faith leaders and their communities in Southern Africa to increase awareness, understanding and action on eco-justice, sustainable living and climate change.

What We Do

Care for the Earth by Faith Communities

Promoting understanding of the connection between faith and living Earth, and inspiring people of faith to effect change and just development within their own communities.

Energy Justice

Working for South Africans to have accessible, affordable and sustainable energy, and for faith leaders and communities from other countries to learn from South Africa’s experience.

Food & Climate Justice

Promoting a rights of nature approach to food sovereignty and climate change, opposing factory farming, industrial agriculture and GMOs.

Faith Leader Environmental Advocacy Training

Facilitating faith leaders environmental advocacy training (FLEAT) in southern Africa, and providing learning resources to conduct local eco-projects, including eco-actions in congregations.

Virtual EarthKeeper picket

We are asking leaders of ALL FAITHS to pose in their religious attire – if they have - with a bold, legible sign, either handwritten or printed, that proclaims just one thing that they would like their...

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The first pandemic: Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

How unchecked poultry factory farming methods can lead to a new and deadlier bird flu pandemic. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has ignited widespread awareness of zoonotic (spread from animal to human) diseases and the pace in which an outbreak in the Chinese Mainland can become a global crisis. Covid-19 is the top of all our minds, but this is not the first zoonotic disease to have a...

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FLEAT member feature: Dominic Amon Nyasulu

In this week's Faith Leader Environmental Advocacy Training (FLEAT) feature story, we look at the work of Dominic Amon Nyasulu  from Malawi, who is a member of the FLEAT 2 regional representing the Catholic faith. Dominic Amon Nyasulu is the Programmes Manager for the National Youth Network On Climate Change (NYNCC) and Founder of World Faith Malawi. Dominic’s core focus is the national...

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FLEAT member feature: Kelly Ngeti

In this week's Faith Leader Environmental Advocacy Training (FLEAT) feature story, we look at the work of Kelly Mwakanah Ngeti from Mombasa, Kenya, who has been a member of the FLEAT 1 regional group since 2015. From the organization Center for Sustainable Development – Kenya (Cesud-ke) and representing the Catholic faith, Kelly Ngeti, was one of the first recipients of the FLEAT trainings in...

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