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Veganuary 2022 Interfaith cooking webinar

Religions for Peace Interfaith Youth Climate Forum, celebrated Veganuary 2022, with an Interfaith cooking webinar. Youth shared their vegan recipes with a live demonstration and teachings from their faith that connects us to live a conscious healthy vegan lifestyle from a spiritual perspective in relation to Mother Earth.
Watch the recording:
Here’s is the recipe e-book of all the vegan recipes shared. Enjoy!
– Mr. Delwyn Pillay, (Christian Faith): Del’s Imifino/Bhaji
– Ms. Nita Makanjee, (BrahmaKumaris): Sweetcorn Fritters & Chocolate Cake
– Mr. Kurveshan Perumaul, (Hindu Faith): Veg Fried Rice & Tomato and Chickpea Salsa
– Ms. Kirtanya Lutchminarayan, (Hindu Faith): Vegan Tacos & Guacamole
– Mr. Mark Shaldon Naicker, (Christian Faith): Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream
– Ms. Merylene Chitharai, (Hindu Faith): Homemade Vegan Smoothies
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