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Greenfaith International Launch – Prayer by Rev Berry Behr

Greenfaith International launch – 18 November 2020



Closing Prayer by Rev Berry Behr


Dear God, Creator of all that is, Divine Source who has more names and forms than we have words of praise:

What joy our Great Creator must have had in designing this wondrous Universe, our magnificent planet Earth.

We give thanks: we rise together in gratitude.

What joy Divine Creator must have known in manifesting this glorious diversity of the fruits of the earth: the flowers, the trees, the rivers, mountains, oceans and plains.

We give thanks: we kneel in reverence.

What joy our Creative Source must have experienced as life forms first took shape: the insects, birds, 2 leggeds, 4 leggeds, slithering ones.

We give thanks, and our gratitude becomes our sacred work, an expression of love.

We forgive each other. We find our hope and our renewal in our common role of Earth Stewardship, because all of life comes from life.

All of life was created equally and in harmony, and so we ask for Grace to honour this part of our Divine Source. We know that love of life expresses itself in unity, not in separation: in healing, not in tearing apart: in compassion, not in selfishness.

We ask to be shown the way back to Love, to heart-centred living, for the common good.

We ask for Grace to feel once again the joy of Creation, the joy of healing, and the joy of common purpose; a common peace with Nature, as a part of Nature, never separate.

May the glorious and victorious diversity of Nature, the life-affirming garden, be reflected in all our endeavours. May we, human family, in service to each other and to Earth, see ourselves as the magnificent garden, each blossom just as perfect as the next, enhancing the health of each other, supporting always.

We take hands in the Essence of the Creator God who made us all, part of the magnificent Web of Life. We consecrate our partnerships to the common purpose of faithful service to this one masterful planet, which we must all share.

May Love call back the soul of humanity to its rightful place as an integral part of the Great Web of Life: healed, reunited, heart-centred, harmonious.

We consecrate our lives to service of Earth, to service of Life.


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