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Agroecology is best practice


Agroecology is best practice: Biowatch’s work with smallholder farmers explores the workings of eight homestead farms in northern KwaZulu-Natal, illustrating agroecology best practices through the personal experiences of each of the smallholder farmers. These farmers have shown that the land can take care of its people – if its people take care of their land.

Published by Biowatch South Africa, the 64-page book showcases the organisation’s work with farmers in four key areas: diversity; soil and water; seed; and advocacy. The bookspeaks to what agroecology is and how it is undertaken in very challenging areas in KwaZulu-Natal; but this is not to say that these best practices are only applicable in such contexts – indeed, agroecology is needed locally and globally if we are to address the calamities of climate change (drought and floods; destruction of biodiversity; and increasing global food and nutrition insecurity).

We hope this book will inspire you, the reader, and catalyse you for action, whether you are a farmer, a policy-maker, in civil society, or are interested in how we can transform our current destructive food and agriculture systems.

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