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Animal Advocacy: Animals & Religion
The following books are available at Lantern:
Animal Life in Nature, Myth and Dreams
The Bible According to Noah
Theology as If Animals Mattered
Blessings of the Animals
Celebrating Our Kindship with All Creation
Call to Compassion Top
Religious Perspectives on Animal Advocacy
Creatures of the Same God
Explorations in Animal Theology
The Dominion of Love
Animal Rights According to the Bible
God’s Covenant with Animals
A Biblical Basis for the Humane Treatment of All Creatures
The Great Compassion Top
Buddhism and Animal Rights
Holy Cow
The Hare Krishna Contribution to Vegetarianism and Animal Rights
Judaism and Vegetarianism
New Revised Edition
The Lost Religion of Jesus
Simple Living and Nonviolence in Early Christianity
Peace to All Beings
Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul
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