Uranium Mining

1 -Radioactive Dust Over the KarooThe debate around nuclear until now has largely centred on how the procurement of nuclear energy is being done in secrecy and without proper consultation, that the price of proposed nuclear reactors will plunge South Africa into deep debt and that there is no proper solution for the nuclear waste which will burden generations to come. However we’ve said and heard little about what comes before nuclear energy: uranium mining.

To not raise the debate around this important link in the chain could have dire consequences not only for the Karoo where the mining is being proposed, but for many other parts of South Africa – and even Africa, for if uranium mining and nuclear go ahead here, other African nations might well follow suit.

SAFCEI is concerned because as a faith based organisation we cherish Creation, and wish to preserve what our Creator has given us. We also believe in ethical and just governance – something which has not been shown of late.

For these reasons Dr Stefan Cramer, SAFCEI’s Science Advisor, who is based out in the Karoo has begun investigating this urgent matter.

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