Green Monday Campaign

greenmonday-sa-logoWhat impact does our meat and dairy consumption have on animal welfare, on us and the environment? The Green Monday campaign asks these questions and urges us to have a look at what we eat.

Green Monday South Africa is a campaign that promotes sustainable living and animal welfare by encouraging the cutting out of all animal products for one day of the week and eating plant-based foods for that day instead.

Decreasing our consumption of meat, dairy and eggs reduces our carbon footprint as plant-based foods use much less water, space and emits fewer greenhouse gases.

A plant-based diet is also beneficial for our health and the welfare of animals as the reduced demand means the reduction of animals on factory farms.

By taking the Green Pledge and committing to at least one day of no animal products much positive change can be brought about. By pledging, we can make a statement about the kind of world we want to live in and leave to our children. A world that is much healthier, cleaner, and more humane.

Anyone and everyone can join – from individuals and organisations to communities and congregations. You can join the Green Monday movement by signing up, or getting in contact with Green Monday South Africa. Or just make a personal commitment to cook GREEN for one day of the week. Our One Web of Life (OWL) programme has compiled a beautiful recipe booklet that you can use on Green Mondays and we have also put up a few recipes from the Green Monday website to inspire you:

Faithful Eating for the Earth: Recipes for Green Mondays


Lemony Couscous with Chickpeas

Greek Courgettes

Creamy beet soup

Avocado pesto pasta

Corn Dogs With Meat Free Sausages

Lentil Burger

Red Lentil Coconut Curry

Pad Thai

Visit the Green Monday website for many more plant-based recipes to try out and once you sign up, Green Monday will support you with a weekly newsletter with more ideas and tips.

Launched in October 2015 as part of the global movement promoted by Humane Society International (HSI), this initiative is supported by restaurants, celebrities and many organisations, including SAFCEI, with whom HSI has a partnership.

We can all make a difference by:

  • Eating green and signing up for Green Monday today!
  • Learning more about green eating at, and spreading the word by giving talks and distributing information at your school, office, place of worship, or other places in your community.
  • Encouraging retailers, schools, restaurants & hotels to increase their offerings of delicious, healthy plant-based foods.
  • Furthering the conversation on animal welfare, sustainability, and equity within the food system. Ask your food retailer if their eggs are sourced from cage-free or free range farms and if their pork is sourced from crate-free suppliers.
  • Supporting small, emerging farmers practicing more animal welfare friendly and sustainable agriculture.
  • If your institution, organization, or company would like to help, contact Green Monday to find out how to become a partner! They will send you lots of tips on ways to promote green eating and how to implement Green Monday at your organization.



Visit the Green Monday website, like the Green Monday Facebook page and follow @GreenMondaySA on Twitter #GreenMondaySA