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McDonald’s commits to sourcing cage-free eggs

On 14 November McDonald’s South Africa announced that it would implement a cage-free policy when it came to the sourcing of their eggs, transitioning  to a 100% cage-free supply chain by 2025. This comes after continued efforts from Human Society International and other animal welfare organisations, including our One Web of Life programme,  to engage […]

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Compassion in our food systems

With the slogan, ‘WE’RE NOT LOVIN’ IT, MCDONALD’S SA!’ four local animal protection groups – including SAFCEI through the One Web of Life (OWL) programme – are asking McDonalds South Africa to join its counterparts in Canada and the US in phasing out the use of battery chickens. An online petition started in March this year […]

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What does Nature want?

Human wants are well articulated, marketed and even expanded to a position of status. Most are ultimately provided by Nature: the landscapes whose scale, seasons and sense of place provide many of our spiritual needs; the raw materials that we process and combine into the multitudinous food and material products that feed us and our […]

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