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Why SA does not need nuclear energy

By: Matthew le Cordeur South Africa’s renewable energy programme will deliver enough electricity on time and on budget without the risk of nuclear accidents, a protesting environmentalist said on Wednesday. David le Page of Fossil Free South Africa was protesting outside Parliament along with peers who were demanding transparency from the government regarding the funding model […]

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Morality shut out of energy debate

How ironic! As I walked into the parliamentary energy portfolio committee meeting in my episcopal shirt and collar, I heard an African National Congress MP saying, “I don’t know why theologians express views on nuclear. They don’t know anything about nuclear energy and should stay in their churches”, or something to that effect. What an […]

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Parliament: Nuclear going ahead at the cost of democracy

By Liz McDaid Parliament has been a disturbing place to be today… One MP said that they would not allow anti nuclear activists, and also,claimed,that only nuclear physicists are qualified to speak on nuclear matters..and that anti nuke activists that have theology degrees should stay in their churches. The minister also claimed that the international […]

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