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What does Nature want?

Human wants are well articulated, marketed and even expanded to a position of status. Most are ultimately provided by Nature: the landscapes whose scale, seasons and sense of place provide many of our spiritual needs; the raw materials that we process and combine into the multitudinous food and material products that feed us and our […]

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Imam Omar questions South Africa’s nuclear path

“There is no such thing as safe nuclear power!” Imam Dr. A. Rashied Omar of the Claremont Main Road Mosque cautioned the congregation who had come to listen to his World Environment Day khutbah (sermon).  The current electricity crisis may motivate the government and some of us to favour risky energy options such as nuclear.  […]

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The Earth Statement – Nature needs your voice.

Leading scientists & economists have defined eight essential elements that world leaders need act on to avoid an ecological tipping point and dangerous climate change.  The Earth is hurting.  2015 is the year of changes for a sustainable future for humanity.  Join Archbishop Tutu and SAFCEI’s Bishop Davies and sign the Earth Statement.  Add your […]

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