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I have a dream of an Africa

In celebration of Africa and in recognition of Africa Day on Monday, 25 May, we  share LLM Mbatha’s poem I have a dream of an Africa with you. Through his poem, he reminds us of Africa’s inspirational leaders, the richness of her natural environment and the community values where all children belong.  He encourages us […]

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Launching a day of love for creation

When last did you truly experience Nature, God’s original scriptures?  SAFCEI is inviting you to celebrate Earth Keeper Day on the weekend of 14th & 15th of February.  Huh?! How is this day different from all the other environmental days on our calendar? Earth Keeper Day is about opening our hearts and connecting spiritually with […]

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Does your life bless the Earth?

What does the start of 2015 bring to the growing number of people of faith who feel increasing dis-ease about the health of our planet?  What does it mean for Earth Keepers? We are urged by green organisations and the authorities to recycle, to save water and energy, to buy less and to buy local, etc. […]

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