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Marking World Wildlife Day in Mombasa Kenya

By Kelly Ngeti On 3rd March 2016, the world celebrated the existence of wild animals, putting emphasize on their rights to exist peacefully. The day’s theme “the future of wild animals is in our hands” was a direct message to all humanity to refrain from activities that endangers their peaceful existence. In Mombasa the day […]

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Leap Day for Leaping Legs

When last did you see or hear the chorus of frogs? Their presence in our surroundings are a good indication that there is a healthy eco-system in place. However frogs are getting scarcer as habitats dwindle and water systems become increasingly polluted. This month brings the Leap Day for Frogs so we invite you to […]

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NEW – SAFCEI Calendar 2016!

The 2016 SAFCEI Calendar is now available. Order online here The calendar includes environmental and religious special days, moon cycles and South African public holidays. The limited edition 2016 SAFCEI calendar celebrates ‘life after fire’. Proceeds from the sale of this calendar will go towards increasing awareness, understanding and appropriate action on eco-justice and climate […]

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